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The following is a list of people who have significantly contributed to polyfold theory and/or this wiki - in order of first sightings of a polyfold.

Helmut Hofer

Polyfold master mind [1]

Kris Wysocki (1955-2016)

Polyfold master mind ... and sc-sorely missed; [some pictures]

Edi Zehnder

Polyfold master mind [2]; [some pictures]

Joel Fish

Katrin Wehrheim

Seizing the Means of Regularization ... and enjoying polyfold music

For more info, papers, and contact see homepage.

Jiayong Li

author of A∞-structures from Morse trees with pseudoholomorphic disks and comedian

Nate Bottman

Wolfgang Schmaltz

Zhengyi Zhou

Ben Filippenko


Joel Fish, Casim Abbas, Kris Wysocki, Helmut Hofer at Oberwohlfach - from http://owpdb.mfo.de H.A., Nate Bottman, Joel Fish, Jiayong Li, Katrin Wehrheim at Polyfold Lab meeting in Cambridge MA

Wolfgang Schmaltz, Zhengyi Zhou, J.C, M.W., Ben Filippenko at Polyfold Lab meeting, UC Berkeley   Helmut Hofer, Katrin Wehrheim, Joel Fish debating polyfolds at IAS Princeton